You gave me reason to love again, you came and changed the way the story ends..

It's hard for me to say the things
I wanna say sometimes.
There is no one here but you and me
and that broken old street lights.
Lock the doors, we'll leave the world outside..

I never knew I had a dream
until that dream was you
When I look into your eyes
the sky is a different blue
Cross my heart, I wear no disguise
If I tried, you'd make believe
that you believed my lies.

You pick me up when I fall down
You ring the bell before they count me out
If I was drowning you would part the sea
and risk your own life to rescue me..

Thank you for loving me
for being my eyes when I could not see
for parting my lips when I couldn't breathe
Thank you for loving me
When I couldn't fly you gave me wings..
You parted my lips
when I couldn't breathe.
Thank you for loving me.


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